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The e-Stamping API allows the data transmission of the contract or instrument details from the developer’s system to IRAS for e-Stamping purpose. The e-Stamping API covers common documents such as Sale & Purchase, Lease, Share Transfer and Mortgage.

You must be a registered user to the e-stamping portal and you will need to install security certificates to consume this API.

Please check with IRAS on the certificate details and testing.

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This is a sandbox testing service for “Form IR21 Submission” API. It allows software developers to incorporate within their payroll software the feature for employers to validate and submit Form IR21 (Notification of a Non-Citizen Employee’s Cessation of Employment or Departure from Singapore) to IRAS directly for tax clearance purpose.

It is designed to mimic the functions of the actual “Form IR21 Submission” API so that software developers can test the API integration before subscribing to the actual API.

Developers will need to submit test data based on a pre-defined set of testing scenarios. A submission reference number will be provided within the API response for every successful submission. You can refer to IRAS website for more information on the validation test and the specifications for this API service.

By clicking subscribe, you are agreeing to the API Terms and Conditions found below.
This API utilises the prescribed data elements from the accounting software to compute and furnish a draft profit & loss statement, a draft tax computation with four accompanying schedules and a draft Income Tax Return (Form C-S). The four accompanying schedules are capital allowance, medical expense, renovation & refurbishment and rental schedules.