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The Stamp Duty calculator API enables you to check the amount of stamp duty payable for the different document types (e.g. Property transfer, lease, share transfer, mortgage, etc.)

Note: The calculator API provides only estimates based on the stated assumptions and your inputs. It may not provide for all possible scenarios.

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This is a sandbox testing service for “Submission of Commission Records (CorpPass)” API. It allows software developers and commission-paying organisations to incorporate within their software the feature for commission-paying organisations to validate and submit commission information to IRAS directly.The submitted information will be pre-filled into the individual commission earners’ tax returns.
This is a sandbox testing service for “Submission of Employment Income Records (CorpPass)” API. It allows payroll software developers to incorporate within their payroll software the feature for employers to validate and submit employment income information (IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B) to IRAS directly.
The APIs allow accounting software developers to incorporate within their accounting software the feature for authorised taxpayers to validate and submit GST information (GST Returns, Transaction Listings) to IRAS directly. (Note: This is only open to developers who are invited to participate in the pilot.)