Check GST Register(Sandbox)-apigw

The Check GST Register API enables you to check whether businesses are GST-registered based on their GST registration number, UEN or NRIC

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API Enhancement Notice
(Updated as of 24/01/2022)

 The Check GST Register API will be enhanced in the later part of 2022 to let you know whether a GST-registered business is currently registered under the Simplified Pay-only Regime, which is applicable to overseas suppliers and electronic marketplace operators under the Overseas Vendor Registration Regime.

 The enhancements will involve new data element(s) to be introduced in the response payload, and depending on how your software is designed, these enhancements may require some changes to your software.




Apr 2022

Release of API Specifications that include the enhancements.

Oct 2022

API available for testing in Sandbox.

Dec 2022

API deployed in Production.

NOTE: This deployment timeline is subject to change. IRAS will notify existing subscribers if there are changes to the above timeline or deliverables.



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Check GST Register Enhanced Plan

3600 calls per hour


Enhanced API Plan for Check GST Register

  • Check GST Register(Sandbox)-apigw 1.0.5

Check GST Register Plan

100 calls per hour


API Plan for Check GST Register

  • Check GST Register(Sandbox)-apigw 1.0.5